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Product testing and safety

Travall Guards are developed in-house, specific to each vehicle application, and are fully optimized for fit and function. Safety and testing are top priority at Travall.

We conduct strict impact tests at approved testing facilities on many guards and have the capability to test each guard designed as required by a customer. At present, the US does not have a specific rating system or standard for safety products like this. However, Europe does, and it is called the United Nations ECE R126 standard. Many Travall Guards are designed to meet and exceed this standard. This test demonstrates the performance of a guard when it is hit by 22-pound (10kg) block at around head height at 30mph. The guard must not fail, break free or deform more than 12 inches in order to pass this test.


Travall Guards are tested on a type approval basis* as required, at approved testing facilities.

*Type approval means not every single guard is tested but If one guard has been tested and passed, all guards of the same basic design, material specification and assembly are deemed safe as they are made to the same standard of the type originally approved.

Travall holds the ISO9001 for Quality Management certification from the British Standards Institution.


Travall Guards and Travall Dividers are also protected by international design patents.

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