Travall Mats

Whether you’ve got dress shoes or work boots getting in and out of your vehicle day after day, the footwells of the car are going to need protection. A simple way to protect the footwell carpeting and make for easy cleaning of the vehicle interior is to use Travall Mats. These durable, all-weather car mats are designed for each specific make and model to give a precision fit. These mats are designed to stay in position without wrinkling or bunching up under foot.
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Durable rubber compound.
Lipped outer edge to contain spills.
Textured surface to reduce slipping.
Limits wear and tear in company vehicles.
Appeals to a wide range of customers.
Easily installed or removed.
Perfect fit guaranteed.
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The Travall trade program for customers in the US* has been built around you and your business. Our “best-in-class” premium products have been designed to be easy for you to list - and sell - with stock held in Travall’s warehouse and drop-shipped directly to your customer’s door. And for fleet customers, we make it easy for you to cover your entire fleet, no matter how big or small. We can ship direct to fleet drivers, or in bulk to one location for upfitting.

*Separate programs are available for UK and European B2B customers. Click the links here to visit the Travall B2B websites for your location.



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